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Get to know the artists in our Lobby Shop!

Join us as we take you behind the scenes with one of our artists - virtually, of course! You'll "visit" their studio, learn about what inspires them, become familiar with creative processes. And then, we offer you a 10% discount on their pieces in our shop - the specials will be up for a week.

Scroll down to enjoy last season's After Hours in the Lobby Shop conversations.

*Note: These events will be pre-recorded and premier on First Fridays.

11/5 - Ashley Lohr, jewelry artist

2/4 - TBD


12/3 - TBD

3/4 - TBD

1/7 - TBD

4/1 - TBD

After Hours in 2020-2021

4/22 Emily Wall & 2021 UAS Tidal Echoes

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1/28 Marms and Meeks
Meghan Chambers and Taylor Jarvis

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3/25 Tidewatcher
Christine Kleinhenz

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10/29 Plein Rain Calendar Release Party

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2/25 Zen Lemon Art
Jessica Medlin

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9/24 Soul Happy Art
Mandy Ramsey

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