Salmon Salt


Salmon Salt  – Great on Everything!

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Sold By: Glacier Salt Cave


Our pink Himalayan salt is soaked in citrus juices
and smoked with Alder wood, then mixed with our
proprietary organic 25 spice blend. Amazing on wild
Alaskan salmon or any other seafood…but also
great on pork, poultry, veggies, and pretty much
everything else!

9 Oz. plastic w/sift & pour lid

● Himalayan Pink Salt
● Orange, lemon, and lime juices
● Brown Sugar
● Smoked Paprika
● Black Pepper
● Thyme
● Organic Spice Blend (Onion,Garlic,Carrot,Bell Pepper,Tomato
Granules,Orange Peel,Parsley,Bay Leaves,Basil,Celery, Lemon
Peel,Oregano,Savory,Mustard Seed,Cumin,Marjoram, Coriander,Cayenne
Pepper, Citric Acid and Rosemary).