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Once you have been approved as a vendor, you will be able to login to your Vendor Admin Dashboard at

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard provides you with the following capabilities:

Update Your Store Settings

Once approved, the first thing to do is to go to your vendor dashboard and update your Store Settings. Probably the most important item to add on the Store Settings is your PayPal address so that you can get paid immediately. Read this article if you need information about setting up a PayPal account. Please note, you do not need a business PayPal account to participate. All online store transactions on this site use the JAHC PayPal account. Your account is simply used to get your money, so a personal account (the easiest type to setup) is fine.

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How to add a product

Watch the video… (we suggest watching this first and then following the steps below after watching).

  1. Click Products > Add New
  2. Enter the product name.
  3. Add any descriptive wording.
  4. Set your price by entering a number in the Regular price field. If you are selling more complex items such as items with sizing and color variations, you may need to contact us for support.
  5. Optionally add your inventory so that you don’t sell out of anything:
  6. Enter your shipping total in the shipping section. You will be responsible for your shipping charges, so set your shipping costs to cover your costs.
    • You can ignore the weights and dimensions section.
    • Under shipping rules, click Insert Row
    • Enter the Juneau zipcodes in the zip/postal code section (one per row) and leave everything else as zero. This sets up the local pickup option.
    • Add a row with “US” in the country code and add a shipping amount under the Line Cost section. This is the USPS flat rate shipping amount you will charge to any out of town buyer. Note: If you don’t add this row, you could be on the hook for shipping something without having charged for shipping. In the example below, an out of town buyer will be paying $15 for flat rate shipping.
  7. Choose an appropriate product category. Contact us if you don’t see an appropriate category.
  8. Set the product image (recommended)
  9. Add any additional images to the product gallery (optional)
  10. Click the blue Publish, Submit for Review, or Update button on the right side of the screen to save your work.
    Your product will be reviewed by the store admin and published.
    Once it is published it will appear on the store  page.

How to manage orders

When you receive an order, you will be notified by email. All order details will be available on your Vendor Dashboard. It is up to you to reach out to your customer to arrange delivery (or ship if the buyer is out of town).

Full documentation is available here.

How You Get Paid

  1. Upon order placement, you will immediately receive the cost of the product and any shipping you charged in your PayPal account. It will be designated as a “commission”.
  2. Once you have shipped the product, mark it as “Fulfilled” on your vendor dashboard.
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