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Art for Kids in Juneau

Take advantage of the programming offered by our local arts groups to get children involved!

Juneau Arts & Humanities Council
Juneau-Douglas City Museum
Juneau Public Libraries

To be scheduled with MJ Grande, youth services librarian:

Illustration in literature
Subject area: Artists world (or other subjects)
Introduction to library skills
Subject area exploration/best books

Email MJ Grande:

Programming to be scheduled with Jonas Lamb:

Adopt a visiting author/illustrator
eBooks @ the Library
Blogging 101
Intellectual Property in Context: Blink182, Up All Night Video

Email Jonas Lamb:

Juneau Underground Motion Picture (JUMP) Society

The JUMP Society does a film festival in January and July and encourage community submissions and participation.
Submissions are open year round. They also host workshops throughout the year on filmmaking, animation, and other related topics.


Perseverance Theatre

Student Matinees
All matinees begin at 10am. Ticket price is $8 for students. One free chaperone ticket is available for every 25 students booked. Please inquire about discounts when booking students to see multiple productions. Enhance the experience by booking a workshop to prep students for seeing a play at Perseverance. Students will participate in a series of theatre exercises around the plot and the themes of the production they are attending.
Call Shona Strauser at (907)364-2421 for information on matinee dates

Education & Classes
STAR (Summer Theatre Arts Rendezvous) is a theatre arts summer program for youth between 12–18 years old in which both in-person and virtual students will develop their own performance piece with the guidance and mentorship of Teaching Artists. This will culminate in a Showcase highlighting each young artist’s individual talents. The program is student-driven in that each youth will be encouraged to find their inner artist, and to use their own unique skill set to develop a performance piece that is meaningful to them. Check the Perseverance Theater website at

University of Alaska Southeast
Perseverance Theatre provides courses to create a theatre minor at the local university. Acting, directing, theatre appreciation and a variety of upper level courses aim at providing an in-depth theatre education experience for the college student.

The education department at Perseverance Theatre offers workshops in acting, creative dramatics, improvisation, movement for the stage, team building, voice and speech. These workshops can stand alone or be fully integrated into already existing curriculum. Workshop length can range from one class to up to three weeks. Schedule and cost can be negotiated during booking.
Phone: 364-2421 x 0
Theatre in the Rough – offers performances throughout the year.
Juneau Symphony – offers student concerts in the spring for 4th and 5th graders. (907) 586-4676
Juneau Jazz & Classics – offers free noon concerts, and artists in classrooms in May. (907) 463-3378
The Alaska Youth Choir – offers workshops, choral training, and hosts other choirs from around the country; with a goal of developing and encouraging life-long learning, enjoyment, and love of music. For ages 6 and up. (907) 789-1941
Juneau Makerspace – offers memberships, classes and facility rentals throughout the year for families and individuals. Email at

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