Arts for Any Given Child in Juneau

Juneau is very proud to be the 11th national site chosen for the Kennedy Center's Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child initiative. The primary goal of the Kennedy Center's program is to assist communities in developing and implementing a plan for expanded arts education in their schools, ensuring access and equity for all students in grades K-12.

Juneau Goals


Sustain, expand and celebrate programs and strategies for learning in and through the arts and culture for all K-12 students; focusing on equity for K-8 and depth for grades 9-12.


Increase professional development in the arts, arts integration and culture for all stakeholders, educators, arts specialists, teaching artists, administrators, and arts organizations.


Connect with families, artists, educators, policymakers, businesses and partners to build awareness about the value of arts and cultural experiences for all students, and inspire support and advocacy across our community.

Current Programming

  • 2nd Grade STORYTELLING EXCURSION to Shuká Hít and Exhibit visit @ Walter Soboleff Building. EVERY student in 2nd Grade will have a pre-lesson on the clan house and glass screen before visiting for storytelling and a lesson on displayed regalia or at.óowu.  This excursions takes place annually in November to commemorate Walter Soboleff's birth and is provided through collaboration with and support from Sealaska Heritage Institute and Behrends Mechanical, Inc.
  • 4/5 Grade SYMPHONY EXCURSION to an interactive concert with Juneau Symphony:  EVERY student in 4th + 5th Grade, with support of music teachers, will learn songs in the months preceding the concert event and play along with the Symphony during this interactive show. The program rotates annually between"The Orchestra Sings"  and "The Orchestra Swings"  with focus on altering styles of music. As students attend subsequent years, each student will experience each program and genre of music.  This excursion takes place in during the winter symphony season and is provided through collaboration with Juneau Symphony and support from Carnegie Hall Link Up and First Student.
  • 6th Grade DANCE EXCURSION to "Spring Showcase" with Juneau Dance Theater:  EVERY student in 6th Grade will receive a pre-lesson from JDT's ballet master on dance techniques along with a preview prior to attending JDT's Spring Showcase.  This live performance highlights a variety of dance styles from jazz, ballet, modern and tap featuring Juneau's top dance talent.  This excursion is supported by Juneau Community Foundation.
  • 8th Grade THEATRE EXCURSION to a play @ Perseverance Theater (2015 and 2016): EVERY student in 8th Grade will receive a pre-lesson from actors, directors, or education staff prior to attending a production from a professional theater company. This excursion takes place annually to coincide with the selected production and has been provided through collaboration with Perseverance Theater and support from the Juneau Lynn Canal CHARR.


Program Goals

The goal of the Any Given Child Juneau initiative is to create full access to and equity in arts education programs and resources for K-12 students. To achieve this goal, the Community Arts Team:

1) Developed long-term goals and short-term action steps for planning, implementing, and sustaining arts education programs and resources for students.
2) Established an organizational infrastructure to oversee and sustain an effective effort, including a dedicated working group of key community leaders   and a dedicated Any Given Child coordinator sponsored by the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.
3) Works to develop support systems (including data collection, resources, and professional development) for arts education providers, such as classroom teachers, arts specialists, administrators, arts organizations, and teaching artists.
4) Seeks to secure funding and other resources necessary to sustain the community's long-term goals for K-12 arts education for every child.
5) Plans for communication and collaboration with policymakers and leaders to influence arts and education policy in the school district, local government, and arts organizations, so that the initiative's gains are institutionalized.

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