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"Black Hole Horizon". Wearable Art: Intergalactic 🚀 piece created by Rose Evans & Lioba Menger and modeled by Lioba Menger

About the piece: The theme of this piece encompasses ideas of both the Big Bang theory signifying the birth of the universe and the Black Hole Phenomenon. The creators constructed the lined cape so that light produced by the inside could be ‘sucked in’ or hidden by the black outside. Roommates Lioba and Rose both utilized their strengths to contribute to this collaborative effort. They spent many hours trialing experimental lighting mediums, movement options, and other elements. The model (Lioba) manipulated hidden wooden dowels to incorporate movements to the piece to illustrate the pull of gravitational forces as well as the mysterious nature of light and darkness in space. 

Material List: Black, metallic, and other fabrics, sequined dress top, reflective tape, oodles of individual sequins, belt (sequin strings and mirrors), two wooden dowels, reflective tape, glow in the dark paint, fiber optic lights, blood, sweat, and tears.


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Calling all musicians 🥁🎺🪗 sign up to perform at one of the Fresh Air Markets this summer! 

Saturday July 10, August 7, & September 4 from 10 AM - 1 PM at the Centennial Hall / JACC Outdoor Campus (in the courtyard and parking lot between the two buildings). A small stipend is available on an hourly basis.

Link in bio to sign up!

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"Tangled in Two Pieces". Wearable Art: Intergalactic 🚀 piece created by Jessica Hood and modeled by Amy Romme & Jermie Hood

About the piece: "Tangled in Two Pieces" was created by @jessmhood in memory of her late grandmother. During Jessica's childhood, she would watch her grandma crochet intricately, detailed, crocheted blankets for each newborn and graduate in her family. Jessica has since then found a new passion in crochet and spends much of her free time creating lovely gifts for her family and friends. As Jessica spent countless hours crocheting yarn over wire, she couldn't help but admire how much love and time was spent on each of her grandmother's beautiful gifts. Jessica wanted to take the inspiration from her grandma and her years of experience in crocheting to create a fun and whimsical wearable art piece by using crochet in a uniquely different manner. The artist crocheted yarn over wire and hand sewed the crocheted wire together to create this tangled look.


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Weekly Happenings in Juneau - check the link in the linktree above for all the info ...

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"The Art of Availability". Wearable Art: Intergalactic 🚀 piece created by Jessica Sullivan & modeled by Jesse Riesenberger

About the piece: "When I was thinking about the theme, Intergalactic, I imagined discovering a planet that had already figured out how to make a lot out of a little. They'd basically reuse the same base material and some version of a 3D printer to melt and recast new objects on the spot. Dresses could be worn once and then reformed into something new for the next day. As we live in a rural village, I wanted to use materials that I had readily available, hence the title. I started researching bioplastics and experimenting with making large, flexible sheets with several different food products that are commonly thrown away. I have also brewed kombucha for almost 10 years, so finding something new to do with the bacterial culture was a fun experiment as well. The whole Wearable Art process for me this year was one part art, two parts science. One of my favorite things about this dress is that it could be planted in the garden this summer and after a very short while, all that would be left is a handful of thread."

Materials List: Kombucha leather, gelatin, egg shells, coffee grounds, banana peels, orange peels, seaweed, soap.


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2021 JAHC Juried Art Show - Juried by Tlingit artist Alison Bremner @caffeinatedraven

Juror's statement: "Coming out of a collectively turbulent year, I was interested in showcasing the artists' creations without the restriction of a theme. What had the artists been drawn to create? Some spoke to the times directly, while others made no direct mention to quarantine but evoked strong feelings we may have encountered this past year through their work. Important conversations are had in this show - traditional land ownership, climate change, as well as more lighthearted pieces like a joyous basket of onions. Having the big conversations while holding space for in-the-moment joy is a balance I hope we all can find. Congratulations to all, it has been a pleasure to see your work." 

Juror’s awards:
Best of show: Linda Van Houten, Nanook’s Changing Paradise
Best of division photography: Q’on Bear-Clark, Aerial Landscape Lighting #1
Best of division fiber arts: Fabienne Peter-Contesse, Splat
Best of division mixed media: Lily Hope, Documents 007
Best of division print: Gordon Harrison, Poetry Broadside
Best of division paint: Teri Gardner Robus, L’Onions
Honorable mentions: Liyuan Zhang, Douglas Rainforest Trail • Lily Hope, Chilkat Protector 14.0 • Deb Reifenstein, Exuberance! • Kathy Hamblett, Two Paths

This virtual exhibition includes works in a variety of media: sculpture, fiber art, weaving, photography, painting, printmaking, etc. and is now open! We'll feature some of the work in this exhibit throughout the month - in the meantime, please visit our website and enjoy the show. Link in bio!

The JAHC Juried Art Show features the following artists: Teri Gardner Robus, Emily “Em” Lang, Liyuan Zhang, Q'on Bear-Clark, Miah Lager, Donna Catotti, Robin Hiersche, Lily Hope, Crystal Cudworth, Jane Lindsey, Sydney Akagi, Fabienne Peter-Contesse, Patti Hutchens Jouppi, Bo Anderson, Renee Daniels, Linda Van Houten, Chihiro Pierce, Deb Reifenstein, Alain Soltys-Gray, Gordon Harrison, Christine Kleinhenz, Rachael Juzeler, Barbara Shepherd, Timi Johnson, Kathy Hamblett, Holly Lena, & Deanna Lampe.

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