CBJ Major Grants

Eligibility & Award Information: 

  • Eligibility: local non-profits
  • Subject: community art encouragement and support
  • Award Amount: variable
  • Award Dates: July 1, 2024 – June 30 2025
  • Application Due: May 1, 2024 by 5 PM

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council administers the City’s funding for the arts. These funds are intended to provide operating support for local arts non-profit organizations whose work helps to cultivate vibrant arts and cultural opportunities., helping to build a strong, prosperous community where creativity and innovation thrive. Funding may be for a specific project or for season support. Applicants present their application at a 10-minute interview with the 7-member Review Panel, which then sends recommended funding levels to JAHC for approval and disbursement.


Profit and Loss Statement (last year, this year to date), Balance Sheet (Last year, this year to date, and Budget next year maybe run from your accounting software and do not need to be parsed into the particular categories, provided they clearly show your financial status.

CBJ Major Grant CBJ Grant application 2024 (a good reference as you begin your online application).

CBJ Major Grant Evaluation Form

Apply for a CBJ Major Grant

Use the application form below to apply. Please note that this form does not auto-save. To open the form in a new window, click HERE.

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