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Poetry Omnibus Celebration

Please join us for the Poetry Omnibus Celebration with readings of the selected 2015 poems.
Where and When:  Mendenhall Valley Library Large Meeting Room on April 10, from 3:00 to 4:30.
2015 following selections will be read aloud by the authors and volunteers:
Elizabeth Cuadra – Hollow Hairs
Amy Pinney – Slow Food
Mary Capobianco – Fireweed Seeds
Michael Christenson – The Gospel According to Kafka
Diane DeSloover – Flight School
Diane DeSloover – Muskeg
Diane DeSloover – The Sound of One Baby Clapping
Leo Helmar – An Elegy for Rick’s Café
Chalalin Giron – Mountain Goat
Chalalin Giron – Bear
Jasmihn Williams – Everyday
Beatrice Franklin – Watching the Berry Picker
Beatrice Franklin – Autumn’s Siren
Nathan Block – Galtú Haiku
Margo Waring – My Son My Dog
Margo Waring – Atlin (July 2014)
Margo Waring – Fire of the Sun
Anne Fuller – Homegrown Music
Anne Fuller – Profligate Generosity
Laura Tripp – Rootless
Meghan DeSloover – Bus People
Marjorie Menzie – To A Teen
Dan Branch – Sit in the Dark
Carol Coyle – Touching Heaven
Richard Stokes – Cabin Comfort
Richard Stokes – Community
Richard Stokes – Duck Season
Mary Lou Spartz – Bears on Task
Mary Lou Spartz – Future Runs
Robert Fagen – In Snow
Cadence Ward – Linus Blinus
Evelyn Richards – Ears
AnnaCaroline Wall – I ate Everything
Serena Crupi – The River
Caden Haygood – The Sound
Acey Wall – Blueberry Pie