Arts Affiliate Membership

Show your support for the arts in Juneau.

Affiliate members are local arts & culture organizations and local non-profit organizations who commit to helping make the Juneau Arts & Culture Center (JACC) a bustling, vibrant, and valuable part of the community. As an Affiliate member your group enjoys special rental benefits and joins the Council on advocating for and supporting this facility for the benefit of all.

To become an Affiliate member, please call us (907) 586-2787, visit us at the JACC during regular business hours, or click HERE. Select the appropriate membership level based on your organization's annual budget. 

We consider our Arts Affiliate Organizations like "members of the family" and hope you will join the group with the sense that:

We are here together to build a strong arts community in Juneau.

We jointly need to see to the success of the Juneau Arts & Culture Center and to the overall success and promotion of the arts in Juneau.

-Thank you!

Membership Levels, Benefits & Services

Membership levels are based on organizational budgets    •                Under $25,000           $75
    •                Under $200,000        $150
    •                $200,000+                  $250

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council provides many services to the community and encourages arts & culture organizations and local non-profit organizations to join as members.

These include:
     •    Promotional support    •    Online calendaring    •    Regular weekly radio promotion through ArtsUp!    •    Regional marketing collaborations    •    Notification of opportunities for artists    •    Arts Roundtables, monthly meetings to talk about issues and opportunities relating to the arts    •    Scheduling and community-wide event coordination    •    Arts advocacy to assembly and legislature    •    Mayor's Awards for the Arts opportunities for volunteer and artist recognition    •    Box Office ticketing services

Included with your Affiliate Membership    •    Priority use of the Juneau Arts & Culture Center    •    Discounted rental rates at the JACC (-30% off regular rental rates)    •    Link on the Council’s web site    •    Two tickets to a Council sponsored performance to be used for auctions, fundraising, etc.    •    Additional posters distribution when using our Postering service    •    Free use of the Council’s Gallery (when available) for organizational & board meetings



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