Food Truck, Vendor, & Catering Policy

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council manages the Juneau Arts and Culture Center for the community. Revenue to support the operation of the facility comes from rental income, as well as fundraising efforts, gift shop sales, grant support, and donations. The intention is to provide a welcoming, accommodating, affordable space with the least impact on the city budget as possible. 

The Council recognizes that food and hospitality go hand in hand and to that end, in order to make the facility convenient and attractive to potential renters, welcomes food vendors and caterers. 

The Juneau Arts & Culture Center has two spots designated for stationary food trucks, located at the Whittier and Egan corner of the property. By City ordinance, no additional full time trucks are allowed. These two spaces are rented on a monthly basis, and treated as regular rentals, similar to the office leases. 

These two food truck tenants may hook up to the exterior power source, and must comply with City and State regulations regarding commercial food production, waste removal, sales tax collection, signage, and other regulations that may apply. 

Temporary food truck tenants or outside vendors may sell food inside or outside of the JACC at the invitation of management or an event renter for a specific limited (one day or less generally) period of time. These outside vendors also must be in compliance with the City and State regulations that apply and post their permits on site for the duration of the food service. 


  • The JACC provides a dumpster, electricity, access to restrooms, janitorial closet, the (non-certified) kitchen, and custodial service in the JACC for all renters and vendors. 
  • For the convenience of the permanent/stationary food vendors, the JACC may provide tents, out door tables and chairs, and indoor seating as the schedule in the JACC allows. 

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council rents the Main Hall, Gallery, and occasionally the entire facility for events, meetings, celebrations or other private and public, ticketed and free events, by the hour, day, or week, on a contractual basis. 

  • As part of the rental packet provided to renters, JAHC includes information about the on-site food options, however renters are welcome to bring in other food vendors and caterers as best suits the situation and event. 
  • The food truck tenants are invited to contact renters to solicit a contract to provide the food service for events, or to clarify any food service expectations, if they are interested. 
  • An event in the facility is not a guarantee of food service by the food truck tenants, nor is it a guarantee of business for the trucks. 
  • JACC renters establish the layout of their events to comply with fire, safety, and alcohol regulations, and according to their own capacity to manage the event. On occasion this may require JAHC to suspend normal hours of operation and to close its doors as needed to accommodate the renting group. This change will be negotiated between JAHC and the renter at the time of the confirmation of the rental agreement, and posted on the JAHC calendar of events. JAHC will notify the other JACC renters, including the food truck tenants, of this change in normal business hours. 

Both food truck tenants and outside vendors are expected to maintain the JACC in a clean and tidy fashion, to participate in the efforts to recycle, and to use the facility responsibly, so that it continues to be user friendly and supportable. 

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