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Mission & Facts

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council incorporated in 1973. It is the formal arts agency for the Capital City of Juneau, Alaska and operates the Juneau Arts and Culture Center (JACC), a vibrant community center. From the Five-Year Strategic Action Plan adopted March 2011:


The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council cultivates vibrant arts and cultural opportunities and is a leader in building a strong, prosperous community where creativity and innovation thrive.

Core Values

•    Build community
•    Welcome inclusivity
•    Encourage creativity and innovation
•    Enrich Juneau's quality of life
•    Educate through arts and cultures
•    Serve Juneau and surrounding Southeast Alaska communities
•    Promote Creative Economy

Priority Strategies

•    Represent Juneau's creative sector with the City and Borough of Juneau, community and economic development groups and businesses, to strengthen Juneau's quality of life and economy. Advocate so that creativity is valued and Juneau is recognized more broadly as Alaska/s Creative Capital.
•    Work with the City and Borough, cultural institutions, and businesses to plan and develop a distinctive cultural district that anchors Juneau/s downtown development.
•    Strengthen the Council’s capacity with effective community and cultural partnerships.
•    Encourage and present arts, heritage, and humanities programs worthy of Alaska's Capital City.

Ten-Year Goals

Goal 1: Present Arts and Cultural Performances
JAHC presents distinctive performances, visual arts, media arts, indigenous arts and writing by artists and culture bearers from the region and around the world.
Goal 2: Support Community Arts Organizations
Provide arts, cultural, and heritage organizations support, public and private funding and access to facilities.
Goal 3: Support Artists
Create multiple and varied opportunities for visual, performing and indigenous artists and writers of all levels and abilities.
Goal 4: Provide Arts Education Opportunities
Coordinate and complement arts and cultural educational opportunities in school programs and professional development, that enrich arts, humanities, and cultural learning for children.
Goal 5: Build Capacity 
Sustain the Council programs, services and facilities by effective governance and management, with adequate funding and community support.
Goal 6: Plan and Develop the Arts Complex 
The Council is an active partner with the municipality, cultural institutions and businesses in planning for a distinctive arts/cultural district, including a performing arts venue that serves the needs of Juneau’s diverse arts community, including Strategic Plan adopted 2015

Major Activities and Programs

Our programs touch lives over 1,235,000 times during the year.

The list is extensive:

Report from FY10

Current 990

Juneau Arts and Humanities Council 990

Budget FY15
Budget FY16

Annual Reports

•    Annual Report FY15 (coming soon)
•    Annual Report FY12
•    Annual Report FY09
•    Arts Education Annual report 2009
•    Annual Report FY08

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