Annual Meeting Wednesday Oct. 21,2020 5 pm

All active members are invited to join us for our 2020 Annual Membership Meeting. (Renew your membership HERE if you have lapsed.)

Annual Meeting 2020 Packet

5 pm via ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 844 8016 9373

Passcode: 214792

Find your local number:

I           Roll Call

II          Adoption of Agenda

III         Approval of the Minutes

IV         Trustee & Member Comments

Recognition of outgoing Trustees, Sue Sloss and Cheryl Snyder

V          Annual Report – Executive Director, Nancy DeCherney

VI         Approval of Bylaw Amendments note that votes will be by Zoom Polls

Addition to Article IV Section 4.05 Meetings: Add “or via a virtual platform.” Add “voting electronically or by email” is allowed provided a quorum of the Board participates

Addition to Article III Section 3.02 Membership: Add “Ex Officio board members and/or Emeritus Board members”.


The Board of Trustees may, from time to time, appoint one or more additional Trustees as ex-officio, non-voting Trustees for terms of one to three years. Ex-officio Trustees may include, but are not limited to, board members who have served the maximum of two consecutive terms or individuals from compatible organizations. Such ex-officio members have the rights and responsibilities of regular Trustees except they may not vote on motions before the corporation.

The Board of Trustees may, from time to time appoint emeritus board membership to board members who have termed out and have shown extraordinary dedication to the organization. Emeritus board members shall serve three (3) year renewable terms for as long as they remain active in the work of the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council and may end their term at any time. A Board member emeritus shall not be subject to any attendance policy, counted in determining if a quorum is present at a meeting, entitled to hold office, or entitled to vote at any board meeting.

VII        Election of new Trustees – Sue Schrader, Jim Heumann, Mariah Twitchell, Flordelino Lagundino, Jeana Varney

VIII       Door prize drawings!

IX         Adjournment

Annual Meeting 2020 Packet