Call for Art: CFA E18-080 – Design & Production of a Fire Dish (Art) for the Native Burial Ground Monument at Sayeik Gastineau Community School

The City & Borough of Juneau, Alaska is constructing a Native Burial Ground Monument at Sayeik Gastineau Elementary School. The Fire Dish shall be part of the monument installed at Sayeik Gastineau Community School. Deadline for submittals is 2:00 PM November 16, 2017.

Contacts for this project are:
Greg Smith, Contract Administrator – 586-0873 (phone), or email:

To view the full Call for Art PDF, scope of project, submittal guidelines, and background information, please click this link:

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Background information on the Memorial Monument & Fire Dish:

The memorial monument is a part of the larger overall design composition  undertaken in this project.  The location of the memorial for the departed souls  is in the center of the grove of trees on the site in a void defined by four  prominent trees.  The memorial consists of a granite boulder, defined in the  construction documents, a cast bronze plaque with language approved by key  members of the Douglas Indian Association (DIA) and a Fire Dish upon the  boulder.  The Fire Dish shall be commissioned by the City and Borough of Juneau  (CBJ) and executed by an artist for modeling, casting in pure metallic bronze, and  finishing with a red copper patina and protective coating.   From our previous  work with the DIA, the Fire Dish is envisioned as the hands of community holding  a bowl, which is a literal reference to the Tlingit Fire Dish, a key element of  Tlingit culture’s honoring of the departed.  The Fire Dish will be permanently  mounted at the top of the boulder that is centered in a grove of existing trees.    For further information on the significance of the ceremonial Fire Dish refer to  page 52 & 53 of “Haa Tuwunàagu Yìs, For Healing Our Spirit” by Nora Marks &  Richard Dauenhauer.