Centennial Hall and State Parking lot swap October 8

Starting October 8, 2018, the parking spots between Centennial Hall and the JACC will be designated as Centennial Hall and JACC parking, and the spots formerly designated for the Hall next to Bullwinkle’s will be state parking.

“This swap makes parking much more convenient for state employees, and much more clear for people doing business in Centennial Hall and the JACC.” says JAHC executive director Nancy DeCherney. “Thanks to Jen LaRoe of our staff who suggested this!”

The spots at the end of the JACC labeled as STATE PARKING will remain state parking, and the spot next to the JACC loading zone will remain a JACC spot.

This is the first step of several anticipated steps planned to help make the parking lot much more efficient and effective.

People parking in the new Centennial and JACC spots are asked to sign in at the front desks, and warnings will be given for people parking improperly for the first several months.

Please contact Nancy DeCherney at 586-2787 with any questions.