Centennial Hall Renovations

Centennial Hall is currently in full swing with renovations! From December 2022 through to the beginning of August 2023, Centennial Hall will be closed. At this point the Ballrooms are the only portion of the building that will be renovated, however the whole building will be unavailable for rentals during construction. The renovations planned will include new flooring, paint, and acoustic wall coverings, new operable partitions to segment the space, new audio, visual and lighting systems along with some other structural and mechanical improvements. We are excited to be able to offer our clients a refreshed and much more functional space come Fall 2023!  For those needing rental space through the renovation, the JACC will still be available, but rental times are filling up fast so be sure to reach out to our rentals manager, Joselyn Ribao, about scheduling your event soon! Give us a call  (907) 586-5283 to see if the JACC is available for your event dates.