Chuck Collins, Candidate for District 1, on the arts

Chuck Collins sent his responses to the Council’s questions about his views on issues relating to the arts in Juneau.

Charles (Chuck) Collins Candidate District 1

Describe your involvement/participation in the arts and cultural activities in Juneau.

  1. How many times per year do you attend an arts and cultural event?
  2. What types of events do you attend?
  3. Are you a current member of any Juneau arts organizations? Which one(s)?

Donna and I have supported the Arts for many years in Juneau. As the owners of local copy shops we donated money and services to every event and venue at some time or another. The most substantial recipient through the years was JAHC. We have never felt we needed recognition of this and don’t expect to change that feeling in the future. We attend several events a year and have at one time been to all the venues.

The Council recently adopted a resolution on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as did the Assembly. How can the arts and culture sector help address social issues to help make Juneau a healthy and vibrant community?

Following the Assemblies lead, all men were created equal…

The Council is embarked on building a facility dedicated to the arts and culture to replace the existing JACC: The New JACC. How familiar are you with this project? What role does the Assembly have in this effort?

I have seen the project plan. The Assembly does have a role in this, in fact has already supported the effort by suppling a portion of the property in question. The Assembly also has a vested interest in the impact of this worthy project, both negatively and positively.

Juneau was recently named one of the top 10 Culturally Vibrant small towns in the United States by the Southern Methodist University National Center for Arts Research. How can this be leveraged to advantage for our community? What can the Assembly do to support the continued growth of the arts industry here?

Named that due to the efforts of our fantastic arts groups here in Juneau! It is imperative that we promote Juneau for the strengths we share in quality of life, the arts has a role to play in that. I envision a continued growth in the development of Juneau’s offerings of theater, music and teaching of the skills that are needed for growing this area of career life. Juneau must balance the services much needed to keep our town vibrant with the demands of our citizens for all forms of life quality issues. It makes no sense to attempt to provide a location for fantastic art and entertainment venues and allow crime to rampantly rampage in our streets. We cannot let limits on air and surface transportation keep us from bringing in materials and customers much needed for not only every day essentials but the performance of our fantastic theater. A priority must be given to water, sewer, transportation and police protection before we can spend on other services. I cannot buy a big tv and not pay the electric bill at home, doesn’t work, same at our CBJ level.

Other thoughts or comments?

YES! We lost 400 residents and our school system is down 109 students; our test scores are in the toilet, we never dealt with the landfill, the homeless problem is outa control, crime increased 14% in 2016; these are my priorities. My neighbors, my friends and my fellow citizens do not feel safe in their house! I cannot walk my grandchildren downtown without showing the underbelly of our city. I constantly worry about my daughters, in their twenties, going to venues, supper, wearable art, shopping, whatever, downtown at night as I feel threatened in downtown. This must change. I will work to change this and that will make Juneau into the friendly cosmopolitan town we all know and love.