Creative Team set for Alaska Folk Festival Art

Proud of Juneau Arts and Humanities Council staff members Laura Miko and Meghan Chambers for being selected as the creative team for 2020’s Alaska Folk Festival! They will be working together to create the poster, backdrop, and all the cool Festival stuff – Can’t wait to see what they create!

Laura serves as the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Artist Programs Manager, overseeing the Galleries and Lobby Shops in both the Juneau Arts and Culture Center and Centennial Hall.

Meghan serves as the Council’s graphics and outreach coordinator, as well as managing Wearable Art.

Both are talented artists themselves and bring enthusiastic creative energy to the Juneau arts scene. It is exciting to see them joining forces for the Folk Festival.

Be sure you are connected to Alaska Folk Festival for the coming year! One of Juneau’s favorite springtime events. Newsletter: AFFNews1910.