David Katzeek

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council  honors the memory of Kingeistí David Katzeek, a clan leader of the Shangukeidi, Thunderbird House of Klukwan, who passed away this week.

A cultural leader in our community, he leaves a legacy of bringing forward Tlingit values to make them a living part of all of our lives. He worked with the Arts Council, as well as so many other groups in Juneau and around the state, especially on educational projects, working with children, being part of the artists in the schools programs, helping teachers learn about Tlingit culture, and sharing his traditional knowledge generously and openly. His passing leaves a great hole in the fabric of our community. His teachings give us the hope and  guidance to continue to weave our lives together.

Among the many projects with us, he participated in the creation of the AAN YÁTX’U SÁANI: NOBLE PEOPLE OF THE LAND project. His comments may be heard HERE.

It was an honor to have had his support for our programs, and we will deeply miss him.