Masks are required. Both facilities are now open!

Woochéen Yéi Jituné- we are working together, is a collaboration between the Council and the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. Its focus is on embracing inclusion, equity, and unity through an artist residency program geared towards Alaska Native practice, and providing service to those that are marginalized, economically disadvantaged, and in need of healthy community programs. We promote respect and understanding of Alaska Native Culture by providing a venue to employ Alaska Native artists and for the local community to engage with Alaska Native heritages.

These residences feature Alaska Native teaching artists in multiple art mediums, and will be offered to the community at no cost. Registration is necessary. 

Residencies to date have included:

Northwest Coast Woolen Weaving with Tlingit Weaver Lily Hope

Formline Design with Tlingit Artist Robert Mills

Cedar Bark Weaving with Haida Weaver Holly Churchill

Drum-Making with Tsimshian Master Artist Abel Ryan

Formline Design with Tsimshian Master Artist David R. Boxley

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