January Exhibit: Juneau CARES ArtWorks

The City and Borough of Juneau allocated $330,000 of its CARES funds to provide work for Juneau artists and creative workers through December 30, 2020. 34 projects employing over 130 people were selected and will be displayed throughout the community and online. Many directly address the Covid-19 pandemic, others offer uplifting messages of encouragement – all showcase the wonderful talent and creativity in Juneau.

A sampling of 2D and 3D works from these projects can be viewed in the virtual exhibit below. Videos, graphic design, and other creative projects are featured on this page as well. Just scroll down past the gallery portal to them all!

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How to Use the Virtual Gallery

As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, we are excited to offer an alternative to in-person exhibits here in Juneau and beyond with this new virtual gallery space. You can view the exhibit on your smartphone, but you'll need to download the Exhibbit app first (don't worry, it's free!).

Once you enter the gallery, take your time browsing the exhibit. Navigate through the gallery with your keyboard/mouse on your computer or with your finger if you're viewing on your smartphone.

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Gallery Portal

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Anouk Otsea, Ryan Cortez, director of photography, Robert Newman, composer and musician

"solace" is a work created for, about, and in collaboration with Juneau, Lingít Aaní. Juneau's mountains, beaches, and rainforests have served as my creative solace during a time when I felt many things in my artistic life coming to an abrupt halt. During the early days of quarantine, in the absence of a studio space to dance, I found my body craving expansive swaths of quiet nature where I could move and express uninhibited by furniture. Gradually, I began to dance not in my natural surroundings, but with them. I learned to love the wind and the rain as dance partners, to challenge my balance on the uneven surfaces of tree roots. Now, with cold weather closing in, and the generous support of Juneau Dance Theatre, I have brought the memory of these relationships into the dance studio. In collaboration with Robert Newman and Ryan Cortés, we hope to showcase the resilience as well as the vulnerability of Juneau’s natural wonders and the way in which they have kept the beauty of art alive in our bodies.

A Firefighter’s Holiday Tradition Lives On

Madison Beau Sylte, Kristan Barrill

A short documentary style film covering the dark times of 2020 but with a happy, joyful ending. Told from the perspective of a commercial filmmaker and former firefighter, the story covers one of the only historical events not cancelled because of the pandemic in Juneau, Alaska. 

Strings & Stories, Zoom Edition

Linda Rosenthal, Bill Blush

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed a Zoom edition of our Strings & Stories program. Our goal was to produce an engaging virtual workshop in which children could learn how to tell stories through music and improvisational theater.

Creating Out of Covid: Silverlinings

Lesli Ishii

Creating Out Of Covid: Silver Linings brings an intergenerational cross sector group of community storytellers together to share creative learnings about breaking isolation, adapting and finding joy and resilience during this Covid-19 pandemic. University of Alaska, Southeast and Fairbanks Professors and Researchers join the conversation to share their update regarding their findings and the impact of Covid-19 on Juneau and Southeast Alaska. The talented Chris Talley performs his Tlingit Sky by Rpo transitioning and closing our evening.


Online Watercolor Courses

Hollis Kitchin

Online courses: Creating Effects & Textures in Watercolor, 3 parts

From Juneau With Love

Featuring: Taylor Vidic, Chris Talley, Richard Carter, Aims Villanueva, Nicole Church, Ericka Lee, Lily, Hope, Melanie Brown, George Kuhar, Annie Bartholemew, Jennifer Gross, James Hoagland, Collette Costa, Hot Dog House, Erika Bergen, Thomas Cramer, Arias Hoyle, Tahir McInnis, Rochelle Yeeskanaalx Tláa, Brita Fagerstrom, Stephen Blanchett, Serena Drazkowski, Taylour Miller-Fisher, QUEENS: Kelsey Riker, Sydney Akagi, Emily Lang, Joshua Midgett

A virtual variety show with amazing performances by a multitude of Juneau's finest talents.

"Gū Nū Kū"

Marissa Truitt, Sydney Truitt, Austin Edwards, and Nico Schiavone

Gū’ Nū’ Kū'' explores and exposes the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women through the eyes of a Native Female. Using the mediums of dance and film, the lines are blurred between reflection, perceived reality, and self. Reflection influences the dancer as trauma travels through a family tree. We are viewing the complexities of purity and pain, power and trauma, beauty and perseverance.

Live From Juneau - Two Live Folk Performances

Two one-hour-long live performances as part of the December Gallery Walk celebration in Juneau. Performed original and traditional country, bluegrass, and old time songs with guitar and mandolin and vocal harmonies for the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council and the Amalga Distillery Facebook pages.

Produced a tip sheet for other performers and venues to use as a guide for how to put on online live music.

Covid-19 Life Experience Interviews: For Those That Come After Us

Vivian Mork

Vivian Mork interviewed 4 people who are grandparents and Elders in very different life situations to document their experiences and views through the pandemic. These 4 interviews were created using safety guidelines that best suited each participant. 2 of the videos were in person at a distance, and 2 videos were via Zoom. Thank you to Fate Leonard Wilson III, Dorothy M. Williams, Della Cheney, and Lynn Schooler for sharing your story and words for those that come after us.


Juneau Drag Live - December Edition

Featuring: Ricky Tagaban, Tahir McInnis, Amy Dressel, Heather Dalberg, Richard Carter, Brita Fagerstrom, Christianne Carrillo, Raven Natkong, Ryan Hicks, Cate Ross, Elaine Bell, Britney Hunter, Nicholas DeHart, Stefanie Davis, Logan Bugayong, Christina Lee, Alan Alcancia, Hunter Rook, Tommy Varela-Kossak, and Annie Bartholomew.


Juneau's Climate Change Solutionists

Anjuli Grantham, Brian Wallace, Christine Carpenter

Medium: writing, photography, graphic design

We have solutions to climate change. We are the solution to climate change. Writer Anjuli Grantham, photographer Brian Wallace, and designer Christine Carpenter collaborated to share ten local climate change solutions and the stories of ten individuals who embody these solutions. This project educates Juneau about practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and inspires local climate action.

Colors of Alaska Coloring Book

Kelsey Erickson-Kizer

Medium: Pen and ink drawings and acrylic art pieces

Meet me In Alaska has been creating many art pieces over the years. This book is a compilation of popular images, animals in nature, and the best images from previous coloring books. This book is designed to bring the art into the homes of those that cannot get out or be in public spaces during the pandemic.

Free distribution through Catholic Community Services, Food Bank, Johnson Youth Center, Library (when it reopens), other meeting places TBD.

Sustainability animation promotional project

Sarah Asper-Smith, Patrick Race, Chris Talley

Once animation is completed, the Juneau Commission on Sustainability will post and distribute.

Hunker Down, Juneau! Coloring Book

Mary McEwen

Medium: digital illustration

Hunker Down, Juneau! Coloring Book is a coloring book geared toward kids. The images and text contain messages of positivity and public health amid the challenges of our current situation. It is place-based, featuring familiar Juneau landscapes and animals. Animal characters are shown in familiar scenes from life in a pandemic, such as more time at home, masks, socially distant birthdays, and virtual gatherings.

This work will be provided electronically as a PDF to ensure that it can be shared easily and printed at home. It can be used by anyone in the community, such as individuals, schools, churches, or clinics.

Virtual Gallery Exhibition Schedule:

OCTOBER 2020: Juneau Ex-Pats
NOVEMBER 2020: Juneau Plein Rein Painters: Outside Inside
DECEMBER 2020: MK MacNaughton and Dan Redfield: Paintings & Photographs
JANUARY 2021: Juneau ArtWorks Showcase
FEBRUARY 2021: Gabrielle Vance: I Love You the Most
MARCH 2021: Kelsey Fagan of Elevate Art Studio
APRIL 2021: Tess Olympia Ramsey: Fire & Rain
MAY 2021: UAS Ceramics Show
JUNE 2021: JAHC Juried Art Show
JULY 2021: TBA
AUGUST 2021: Alex Witt: Portrait of the Tongass
SEPTEMBER 2021: Alaska Breastfeeds Coalition

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