April Exhibit: Fire & Rain by Tess Olympia

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I am Tess Olympia. I create work mostly through pen and ink, some water colors and gouache. Recently, I have been testing the waters of digital art. The pieces I make tend to reflect my life and the world around me whether I intend them to or not. I prefer simple lines to create meaningful expression. While I have dreams of illustrating children’s books or a graphic novel, right now I am creating just for me. There is a lot of joy that comes from that, and a lot less pressure. I am in the ongoing process of self-reconceptualizing, meaning uncovering who I am after a long time of not knowing, to heal, to be grounded again in my own entirety.

I am a mom, a ukulele player, a lover of mountains, whales and edible plants.


Virtual Gallery Exhibition Schedule

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NOVEMBER 2020: Juneau Plein Rein Painters: Outside Inside
DECEMBER 2020: MK MacNaughton and Dan Redfield: Paintings & Photographs
JANUARY 2021: Juneau ArtWorks Showcase
FEBRUARY 2021: Gabrielle Vance: I Love You the Most
MARCH 2021: Kelsey Fagan of Elevate Art Studio
APRIL 2021: Tess Olympia Ramsey: Fire & Rain
MAY 2021: UAS Ceramics Show
JUNE 2021: JAHC Juried Art Show
JULY 2021: Della Cheney & Weavers of Juneau
AUGUST 2021: Alex Witt: Portrait of the Tongass
SEPTEMBER 2021: Alaska Breastfeeds Coalition

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