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August Exhibit: Portrait of the Tongass

Paintings, drawings, and photographs made in the field by Alex Witt and Emily Charlotte Taibleson.

Exhibition dates: August 6 at 4:30 PM through Sunday, September 26.

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Open September 3 through 30, 2021.

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We conceived this show to express our reverence for the Tongass National Forest. The paintings for this show were painted outdoors in the forest, with sand and bugs dusting our pallets and rain wetting our canvases. We carried out paints across bays, over bogs, and along the beach to present a view of this dramatic and intimate landscape. We hope that while you enjoy these paintings this summer, a cool glacial breeze blows down to freshen the air around you. 

The Tongass has been stewarded by the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian People for innumerable generations. North America’s coast from Central California to Alaska was once covered with old growth forest that has now been largely clearcut and remains as isolated pockets in parks and preserves. At 17-million acres, the Tongass covers about 90% of South-East Alaska and is the largest intact temperate rainforest remaining on the planet. This forest is the breeding grounds of one of the largest salmon fisheries in the world, as well as supporting a thriving ecosystem of bears, whales, wolves, and thousands of other species. 

Parts of the Tongass have already been clear cut, including over 500 miles of salmon spawning streams. Recently, through tireless advocacy from tribal and conservation organizations the USDA has recently shifted its management strategy away from clearcutting. This shift is just the beginning. 

What’s next for the forest? For decades, native people of the Tongass have been restricted in their usage of the forest, as their lands around them have been exploited by shortsighted colonial policies. We want to donate 25% of the show proceeds to the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) as they fight for indegenous food sovereignty in the Tongass. Food sovereignty is a recognition that the abundance of salmon, berries, medicinal plants, and much much more are dependent on a healthy forest, sky and sea. It prioritizes responsible stewardship of this land so that future generations may feast from it as has been done for untold generations prior.


Alex Witt grew up on Bainbridge Island. He studied marine biology in the San Juan Islands at the University of Washington and in Svalbard, Norway. In his twenties he bicycled from Beijing to Turkey across Mongolia. He is an exquisite knitter, gourmet cook and polyglot. Since 2019 Alex has worked on the mental health unit in the hospital in Juneau and found himself painting murals of Alaskan wildlife throughout the floor. He is a baby whale.  

Alex begins medical school this fall in Spokane, Washington through the UW.

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emily charlotte taibleson grew up in Shoreline, Washington. She majored in painting and drawing at the Rhode Island School of Design. emily engages a community based art practice rooted in social & environmental justice and quixotic notions of mastery & adventure. In 2019 she earned her MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Washington. Her work has been shown and collected across the country and abroad.

Follow the artist on Instagram: @emlala


Follow these links to learn more about the forest and what you can do to help:

Where do we go following USDA Tongass announcement? Read More.

Advocacy for tribal sovereignty in forest management: WECAN (Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network)

Sign the petition through Salmon State.

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