HUMAN:ties – a $10,000 social practice grant by the Alaska Humanities Forum

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A description from the website:

The Alaska Humanities Forum’s HUMAN:ties initiative explores the influence of human connection on one’s sense of physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being through investment in social practice, creative advocacy, and community dialogue.

Inspired by the statewide social impact of Sarah Davies’ 100Stone Project on Alaskans affected by acute emotional vulnerabilities, the Alaska Humanities Forum is launching the HUMAN:ties Social Practice Grant. We invite individuals or groups of Alaskans from all creative practices to propose a creative advocacy project of their own imagining with the goal of addressing diverse experiences of isolation and promoting a deeper understanding of the invisible ties between self and community.

2017 Focus: Homelessness​

This first year, HUMAN:ties seeks projects that attempt to illuminate diverse definitions and experiences of homelessness in Alaska and the unique issues embedded in its experiential fabric.

Alaska has some of the highest per capita rates of homelessness in America. The 2015 Point in Time Count surveyed 1,956 homeless individuals statewide, a nine percent increase over the previous year. Given the difficulties of defining homelessness and locating homeless individuals identified as such, this count is broadly assumed to be an underestimate.

HUMAN:ties seeks to promote an in-depth exploration of self and community among those who identify as homeless, and inspire local community members to illuminate homelessness as only those who experience it can by joining an “army of fearlessly vulnerable allies”, as Sarah Davies referred to the community that helped her build 100Stone.

The Grant

The HUMAN:ties Social Practice Grant will provide $10,000 to an Alaska-based individual or group of creators who seek to affect social change through socially engaged art.

The grant recipient will propose a social practice artwork aligned with the HUMAN:ties focus. The resulting artwork must be in Alaska and open to the public. It may be permanent, ephemeral, visual, literary, performance, or any combination thereof. It can be placed within a single community, be moved among communities, or exist separately in distinct communities at once.

The project period for the grant project is September 30, 2017 – September 30, 2019.  Applications are due August 31, 2017.

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