Now hiring: Arts Education Director

The Council is seeking an Arts Education Director. The job description is as follows:

Arts Education Director

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council is seeking an Arts Education Director. This full time position is responsible for the management of the Council’s education programs, working with the Executive Director as appropriate. The Education Director will work in close partnership and collaboration with the Juneau School District (particularly the Department of Teaching and Learning Support, District’s Artful Teaching grant coordinator and Arts Liaison Teams from each school), University of Alaska Southeast (specifically the School of Education), local Teaching Artists and the Juneau arts and culture community to help ensure coordination across the many arts education initiatives and programs.  The JAHC feels that this is an especially exciting time for arts education with many established programs, new initiatives, and partnerships underway.

The Arts Education Director responsibilities by program:

Artists in the Schools (AIS) grant administration for the Juneau School District program. The JAHC is the recipient of the ASCA grant, and organizes and funds residencies in Juneau schools.

  • Solicit and receive school “mini-grant” applications annually
  • Organize and distribute annual district residency schedule
  • Manage and finalize contracts for Teaching Artists with schools; manage financial payments and invoices
  • Serve as the main contact and support for artists and school arts liaisons (teachers)
  • Publicize residencies, arrange and advertise Teaching Artist/teacher AIS workshops (in coordination with Artful Teaching)
  • Coordinate with teaching artists and schools to provide information and support for AIS residencies along with other arts ed information
  • Represent Juneau at ASCA AIS meetings, as requested
  • Collect data and evaluations for the final grant report, due each June
  • Work with ED and JAHC Education Committee to submit AIS application (March/April) and final report using ASCA online format.

Teaching Artist Recruitment, Training and Support JAHC works to provide opportunity and growth to local artists interested in providing schools, teachers and students with meaningful arts education experiences.

  • Recruit new artists: accept, review and manage applications in collaboration with JAHC Education Committee
  • Collaborate with partners on management of the Juneau Teaching Artist Roster
  • Provide professional development support and access to Artful Teaching workshops.

Teaching Artist Academy (TAA) is a JAHC workshop series with in-depth training emphasizing how to work effectively as a Teaching Artist with students of all ages in varied settings.

  • Recruit artists/participants and presenters/instructors for each workshop in close coordination with District Any Given Child and Artful Teaching teams
  • Plan, facilitate and coordinate all aspects of Academy.
  • Work with instructors to set Academy agenda, assist with set-up for sessions, print handouts, arrange for and provide refreshments
  • Publicize event, information, registration forms, Academy agenda on the JAHC website
  • Coordinate with UAS and District for obtaining course credit from UAS if there is interest from artists; ensure grades are sent in.

Partnership with John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts:

Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child (AGC), a city-wide initiative that uses a collective impact approach of involving local arts organizations, businesses, government and community members to increase student access to arts education. This collaboration seeks to align efforts in assisting the Juneau School District with enriching arts learning through student opportunities, professional development for teachers and community awareness.

  • Serve as main point of contact for AGC with Kennedy Center and local teams
  • Arrange AGC Leadership and Community Art Team meetings
  • Organize and communicate information relating to AGC and AGC events clearly and effectively
  • Coordinate gathering of annual school mapping data from District
  • Maintain detailed project Action Plans and overall schedules, and distribute as appropriate;
  • Update and maintain AGC web page and blog on JAHC website/Facebook
  • Attend annual AGC Exchange conference at Kennedy Center, as a member of the Juneau team
  • Share professional development opportunities and resources from Kennedy Center with District and other partners as they arise
  • Coordinate the JAHC/AGC portion of annual Community Day on Campus, including the District Elementary Art Show

Partners in Education (PIE) Site, Alaska 2007, which provides access to the Kennedy Center’s resources, training events, and annual convention to assist the Council in developing and expanding educational partnerships with the Juneau School District to provide professional learning in the arts for teachers and local artists.  This program works closely in alignment with the Artful Teaching project outlined below.

  • Complete an annual one-page overview report for the Kennedy Center of all coordinated Arts Education professional development initiatives.

Artful Teaching project, a District grant focused on improving arts integration knowledge and skills for pre-service and early career teachers in the Juneau School District.

  • Manage the JAHC partnership and the collaborative programs with Juneau School District and the University of Alaska SE. Work as a team to develop programs and comply with grants guidelines.
  • Support teachers and teaching artists enrolled in the project to develop confidence and competence in providing arts integrated curriculum for their students.
  • Track the grant activities, expenditures, and keep records.
  • Manage grant applications and reports, meet with MACP grantor and partners routinely.

Poetry Out Loud (POL) is an annual statewide competition, in collaboration with Alaska State Council on the Arts. Event telecast on 360 North.

  • Education Director maintains oversight of this program, works to establish a contract for the POL Program Administrator (Administrator is already secured for 2015-16 school year) and is the Administrator’s main point of contact at the JAHC.
  • Per the contract, POL Program Administrator Duties include: Recruit statewide teachers and schools; send out POL competition materials to registered schools; communicate with registered teachers, POL Committee, ASCA and NEA as needed; coordinate judging for regional competitions in rural areas; coordinate Statewide competition in Juneau in collaboration with ASCA and POL Committee; prepare judges; organize student activities while in Juneau; implement POL process using templates and guides provided by NEA; ensure AK Legislators connect with finalists while students are in Juneau.

Art Shop an after-school and summer arts instruction and homework programs offered at Cedar Park and Geneva Woods through a drug-prevention grant from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

  • Education Director maintains oversight of this program, working with the program staff and ED as needed.
  • Ensure the program in each site is correctly staffed.
  • Ensure program staff is keeping track of staff time sheets and other data required to write/submit online monthly/qtrly reports and statistics to grantor in Anchorage.

Successful applicant will have:

  • Background in the arts, and particularly with arts education
  • Familiarity with the Juneau School District and individual schools.
  • Appreciation and awareness of the importance of place based education
  • Experience with project management/coordination, overseeing and managing several programs simultaneously and in a coordinated manner
  • Ability to effectively organize and communicate material visually, verbally and through social media means to different audiences
  • Self-motivation to work independently and with initiative
  • Ability to think creatively and perceptively
  • Understanding of systems and ability to work within them and be a visionary as new systems may be defined and existing systems improved
  • Ability to work positively and perceptively with others to maintain and grow working relationships.
  • Strong computer skills, using Microsoft Office Suite, some graphics programs, Quickbooks Online, relational databases
  • Experience with bookkeeping, record-keeping, and grant reporting
  • Knowledge of database management is preferred

About the job:

  • This is an hourly position, which will transition to a salaried position, and the pay depends on experience. Employment is at-will, and is subject to a two-month probationary period. Leave time of 1.5 days/month accrues after the first two months. Seven paid holidays + two personal days for full time employment.
  • Partnering and collaboration are key elements of this job.
  • Aspects of the job may be done at home.
  • Hours are flexible for the most part and can be tailored to meet personal needs much of the time.


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