Poetry Omnibus 2020 selections announced

Ceann Murphy, the Poetry Omnibus coordinator, sent the list of poems selected for placement on the Capital Transit buses this year.

There were 89 entries this year! Thanks to Anne Sutton and Emily Wall for judging the adult category and Amy Pinney and Clara Miller for judging the youth category.   

We will not have the annual reading celebration at the library this April before the poems hit the buses. The  2020 Selections up on the Juneau Poets website for everyone to enjoy, and we will be posting them one each day on social media. 
Please share! 
Winning selections:
Dan Branch Before the First Hard Frost
Jamie Buehner Christmas Girl
Leiann Burton Heading South
Lin Davis Dear Taku, Lemon, Mendenhall
Diane DeSloover Snow Day
Helena Fagan Cod Opening
Beatrice Franklin Mentoring
Anne Fuller Mysteries of a Tiny Plant
Andrea Iverson Juneau Town-revised
Sam Jordan Share This World – A Skype at the Glacier
Alex Klimkewicz On My Beard, Briefly
Summer Koester The Moving Rock
Christelle Mariano The Valley Without You
Jenny McBride Late October Anchorage
Nattinee Nipataruedi Pumpkin Spice Haiku
Wayne Owen August 8th
Amy Pinney Salmon Shark (Lamna ditropis)
Richard Stokes   Lucky Look
Margo Waring Shinrin-yoku: Art of Forest Bathing
Pat White Sweet Mornings
Madeleine Bass Portland Island
Drew Cadigan McAdoo The Glacier Top
Katherine Fritsch Risk
Torben Higgins Downhill Skiing
Eva Hildebrand The Top
Atagan Hood Tasmania
Ellie Jo Wall Water
Rylee Kay Tagaban Lovely
Elias Kourtis Mount Jumbo
Melissa Maxwell What I Don’t Show
Brie Powers The Ice Rink
Nixie Schooler A Moment of Comfort
Kaiya Schwartzengraber The Woods
Callie Stickel A Fish Named Puppy
Cassandra Thompson Grand Canyon
June Troxel Skating Rink