WAC Press Release

After much deliberation Perseverance Theatre has withdrawn from the Willoughby Arts Complex project, after a three-year partnership, known as the pARTnership, with the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council. “It is not the right time for us to take on such a large new initiative to fundraise and build the building, or make such a long term financial commitment to operating it”. We fully support our friends at the JAHC in their work on the WAC project, and want the project to succeed. We believe its success will have a positive impact on all the arts in the Capitol City and we welcome a role in making the WAC project succeed.”

The JAHC remains totally committed to building a vibrant, affordable, flexible, creative community center. Nancy DeCherney and members of the JAHC Board who have worked on the project for several years will now direct the project, with input from a wide array of arts groups, artists, cultural organizations, educators and citizens.

A recent McDowell Group study, commissioned by the pARTnership, confirms the sound feasibility of this project, which has long been a goal in Juneau.

The architectural design competition, the next step in the original timeline for the WAC, will proceed as scheduled in the next three months.

The JAHC Board of Trustees is proud and excited to carry this project forward to completion, which will contribute to the transformation the Willoughby District and provide creative opportunities for everyone in Juneau.

For more information:

Nancy DeCherney, 907 586-2787 nancy@jahc.org


WAC Press Release-11-15 (PDF version)