Wade Bryson – Assembly candidate

Wade Bryson

Municipal Assembly Candidate

  1. My wife and I visit some type of performance at least once a month. We have watched our children perform in various musical events. We have also enjoyed some of the various artists that have come to town. I am not a member of any Juneau art organizations. I did publicly advocate for the building of the new SLAM at the request of Senator Dennis Egan.
  2. I am very familiar with the new JACC project. I’ve spoken with and watch a presentation from Ben Brown regarding the project. The questions I had were similar to those raised about the unknown variables. What’s the CBJ true cost? Who’s going to be the owner of the building? Who’s going to be liable for the build and operations? I am a supporter of the dual management position. I can appreciate the operational efficiencies created by that management structure. I am for the new JACC. I believe it would be a wonderful addition to Juneau’s cultural environment. I see the new JACC as a gem in the heart of the down town arts and culture center. Paying for the JACC has, without question, has become the controversial component of the project. Following a couple of challenging years, economically speaking I can not support taking on additional debt to accomplish this goal. However, I do want the new JACC built, I know the best way to accomplish that is to improve Juneau’s financial capabilities. Paying down city debt, increasing sales tax revenue, and setting aside money for the project in manageable amounts is the most realistic answer on how to fund this project. The CBJ is going to be invested in the new JACC project, lowering the financial burden placed upon the citizens will increase the likelihood that this project will get built.


  1. As a parent of artists and musicians it has always bothered me when those programs were always first to be harmed by funding cuts. I have witnessed first-hand the benefits to the students who participate in the arts and music programs. I will advocate for funding on both the state and local level.


  1. Being a nationally ranked arts and culture city is a great advantage to our city. It’s a wonderful attribute that adds to the quality of life for our community. Every person in Juneau benefits from the enhanced arts and cultural programs our city is immersed in. I see a thriving industry, that may not rival the dollar impact of the tourism industry, but absolutely connected to more citizens of Juneau than any other sector. The higher our ranking the more economic activity that is generated, the better our economy the more that can be invested into our arts and culture community. It’s a win-win situation for the city.


  1. When so many people are involved in the arts and culture sector, the actions taken towards diversity, equity and inclusion are seen by all. The arts and cultural sector becomes the example that the community follows. The more accepting and tolerant we are the more inclusive and diverse we become. As an assembly member I see the responsibility to ensure policies that do not discriminate and that include all forms of art and culture.


  1. Juneau has a world class arts and cultural community that has had a positive impact on all of our lives. I would be proud to help enhance and further our position as leaders in this field. Every advancement of Juneau’s arts and cultural sector has a long last benefit to our town. Consider me a supporter. I want to see a new JACC built, I understand the significance of this project to Juneau. In this economic climate I cannot borrow against Juneau’s future to fund it. As an assembly member I’ll help get it built, it might just take a little longer.