WEARABLE ART 2020: Joie de Vivre

Juneau has been creating fabulous works of wearable art for the past 19 years. For artists, it is an opportunity to explore, experiment, and showcase their talent via art on the runway. For audience members it is a joyful, enriching, and invigorating entertainment that brings friends and family together in a celebration of community creativity. For the Arts Council, it is a fundraising event that support many programs offered to the community, specifically student fine art scholarships, individual artist grants, and the management of the Juneau Arts & Culture Center. For all of the community, it is is a chance to encourage creativity and innovation, promote a creative economy, and welcome inclusivity.


Here we go! The wind-up to Wearable Art 2020 has begun.

Saturday, February 15, 2020 // 8:00 PM // Centennial Hall
Sunday, February 16, 2020 // 3:00 PM // Centennial Hall

Artist Registrations
Open - Friday, October 4, 2019
Close - Thursday, November 14, 11:59PM, 2019

Ticket Sales Open
JAHC Major Donors, NewJACC Groundbreakers & Registered Artists (Become one today!)// 5:00 PM, Nov 15, 2019
JAHC Members // 10:00 AM, Dec 1, 2019
General Public // 10:00 AM, Jan 15, 2020  BUY TICKETS


Would you like to support Wearable Art 2020?


Artist Registration Instructions

Thinking about registering for Wearable Art 2020? Follow these steps:

1. Download and read the Artist & Model information packet. Make sure that you, any co-artists, and your model(s) can commit to the proposed schedule and rehearsal times. Email the Producer & Director any major questions you have that may affect parts of your registration. The last four pages must be uploaded to your application online, or hard copies may be delivered to the JACC before the deadline.

2. Download the Registration Overview. This is a document with all of the registration questions listed. This does not qualify as your actual registration - it's just to help you plan / write your answers. The Registration Form (next step) does NOT save your progress - so submit it when you're done drafting your answers.

3. Submit your responses in the Registration Form. Registrations are due by midnight, Thursday November 14, 2019 (all materials, including signature pages / waivers / etc).

4. Your registration fee ($55.00) will be invoiced to the email provided in your registration. You can pay online via credit card or submit cash or check to the JACC Front Desk.

5. After the registration deadline, a rehearsal schedule sign up will be emailed to all artists & models.




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Want to support Wearable Art?

There are several opportunities to help support this major fundraiser.

Donate to the Silent Auction:

The Arts Council is currently soliciting items for the annual silent auction. Do you or your business have a popular item or certificate you'd like to donate? Please fill out the form below. Your donation is tax deductible!

Purchase an Ad in the Program:

The Wearable Art program gets over 3,000 views during performance weekend. With multiple size options, pick one that fits your budget. All artwork should be 300dpi (print-quality), grayscale, and is do by January 31, 2020. After submission, you will be sent an invoice from the Arts Council for ad payment.  Sizing and pricing below:

  • Onscreen & Full page: $1000 / (7 .5in  x 4.75in) 
  • Full page: $500 (7.5in x 4.75in) 
  • Half page: $250 (3.25in x 4.75in)
  • Quarter page: $150 (1.75in x 4.75in) vertical or horizontal
  • Business Card: $75 (1.75in x 3.0in)
  • Need help making an ad? Email us!
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