*The JACC is closed, expected to reopen Sept. 3, 2021. Centennial Hall is open by appointment: Call 907 586-5283. Masks are required


Wearable Art: Intergalactic flew into new galaxies as a 10-day Festival in May 2021. Thanks to all for your support of this event!

The Wearable Art Festival was Sponsored by:






And made possible with generous support from our Intergalactic Sponsors & Partners:


  • Salon Cedar
  • Alaska in Motion


  • Gold Town Nickelodeon


  • Alaska State Museum
  • Perseverance Theater
  • Resolute Boutique


  • Devil's Club Brewing Company
  • Forbidden Peak Brewery
  • Amalga Distillery
  • Barnaby Brewing Company


  • Alaska Folk Festival
  • Juneau Symphony
  • Our very generous Online Auction donors.


  • V's Cellar Door
  • Alaskan Fudge Company
  • Devil's Club Brewing Company
  • Forbidden Peak Brewery
  • Amalga Distillery
  • Barnaby Brewing Company


  • The Island Pub
  • TK Maguire's
  • Auke Bay Cafe


  • Alaska State Museum
  • Alaska State Library Historical Collections & State Archives
  • JEDC & The Local Frequency App
  • GGress Guitars
  • Heritage Coffee
  • Imagination Station
  • V's Cellar Door
  • Raintree Quilting
  • Nugget Alaskan Outfitter


Margeaux Ljungberg joins the Wearable Art Production Team again to guide our spaceships into new frontiers. Read more about her vision for Wearable Art 2021: Intergalactic below.

Hello Juneau!

What a year it has been since we last gathered together as models, artists, volunteers, collaborators and audience members. We can all agree that this past year has been exhausting, sometimes sad, and often frustrating. However, your Wearable Art team has been hard at work reimagining this Community Extravaganza, and I am so excited to welcome you to Wearable Art 2021: Intergalactic – live stream edition. How fortuitous that a year ago our community chose a theme that would send us into space? I, for one, am completely ready to ditch this “frakking” popsicle stand, climb aboard the Starship JAHC and blast off. More than 50 years after Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, space continues to fascinate and inspire us. As artists, we can imagine the unlimited possibilities of space, which in turn allows us to reflect back on our own humanity, our fear of the unknown, and our hope for the future. Together, we will speed through the stars on an intergalactic space mission to discover new worlds. Through the science of your residential holodeck (aka television) we shall engage with new alien races and Artificial Intelligence. Each evening our intrepid artists will use the force and beam themselves into your homes, and guided by our dedicated crew on the bridge, we will venture into space – Wearable Arts’ next frontier.

“Another dimension, new galaxy. Intergalactic, planetary” – Beastie Boys, 1998.

Wearable Art Social Feed

Wearable Arts raising the star mmmmm... Drop!
#wearableart #loadin #stardrop juneau_arts_council #juneauwearableart #juneau

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Now that’s some dedication! Wearable Art Model Stacy Katasse went for a molten ombré with creative hair genius @hair_by_celia907 🔥🔥🔥 #juneauartsandhumanitiescouncil #wearable2018 #wearableartjuneau #hairart #ombre #wearableartmodel #wearableartjuneau #creativecommunity ...

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🚨New Beer Alert 🚨 Hop-ernaut RyePA is new to the line up today, just in time for juneau_arts_council ‘s Wearable Art: INTERGALACTIC! 🚀 From a Forbidden Planet in a distant galaxy comes this high-octane RyePA. The subtle Rye notes create a slight edge that is balanced by Comet and Nugget spicy hop bitterness, and the experience ends with a sweet alcohol finish. Brewed for the 2021 Wearable Art show, this beer is meant to be enjoyed while watching some of the most stellar intergalactic fashion on this planet. Bring your space bucks and get Hop-Ernaut while it lasts! $1.00 per beer sale will be donated to the JAHC.
Hop-ernaut RyePA
Double Rye IPA
8.1% ABV
70 IBU
Forbidden Peak Brewery,
Auke Bay, Alaska
Please Drink Responsibly
#forbiddenpeakbrewery #juneauwearableart #wearableart #intergalactic #hopernautryepa #beerforyourstellarjourney

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Wearable Art 2019 is a wrap! This show takes over 9 months to produce, including 6 months of production meetings, several months of set building, 1 month of model rehearsals, 1 week to install in Centennial Hall, 2 performances, and then we take it all down in 1 evening. Most artists begin working on their pieces not long after finishing this year’s show. We had 27 incredible pieces this year, and next year will be 20 years of Wearable Art in Juneau. I get to work with the most amazing team to make this fascinating intersection of visual and performance art happen, and can’t wait to do it all again in 2020! 💙
#wearableart2019 #juneauwearableart #omgimtired #alreadyplanningfornextyear

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SNEAK PEEK! Wearable Art Artist Michelle Morris showed off some impressive chain linking skills at rehearsals last night. Everyone is in full production mode for #wearable2018 - follow the hashtag for more previews over the coming weeks! P.s. still a few Sunday tickets left. #wearable2018 #wearableart #wearableartjuneau #worldofwearableart #creativecommunity #juneauartsandhumanitiescouncil ...

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Bought the song on my phone so I could make this permanent.

Dropping dope gels for Wearable Art.

juneau_arts_council #wearableart #intergalactic #stagelighting #beastyboys #JuneauWearableArt

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Repost from #wearable2018 Set Designer @akikonr - who’s getting some help from one of the JAHC’s favorite doggos, Mac! #wearable2018 #wearableart #wearableartjuneau #juneauartsandhumanitiescouncil #infinitylights #ispyahusky ...

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We are so excited to be a part of the juneau_arts_council Wearable Art event and scavenger hunt this weekend! Come down tonight and tomorrow for our Intergalactic drink - the Black Hole. Pomegranate and Blueberry shrub, orange bitters, Spruce Tip gin, topped with prosecco.⁣

Watching from home? Call us to order your dinner and crème brûlée to go. 907-586-6870⁣

We're here Saturday and Sunday: 3:00pm - 9:00pm and Monday thru Friday: 11:30am - 9:00pm.⁣

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Bravo, Team Wearable Art 2020! Y’all amaze me, every single time. I’m honored to be part of the process, and to help you share your art on stage. Artists & models, thank you for your never ending creativity and bravery. Production team, I wouldn’t choose any other people to be locked in a large brown box with for 8 days straight. Juneau, you’re weird and I love you. I hope we keep creating Wearable Art for another 20 years. 💙❤️💜
📸 ronngile Thank you for making my group photo dreams come true!
#wearableart #juneau #juneauartsandhumanitiescouncil #juneauwearableart

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Quick sketch of what you should be seeing today if you didn't last night. Because Wearable Arts is the place to be! Watch this monster dance around in real life!
#gloslittlemonsters #Gloink #Gloinkpr #Glo #littlemonsters #conetolife #drawingtoreality #wearableart #wearableartjuneau #wearableartsjuneau #Juneau #Alaska #wearablearts #monsters #colorful #color #dance #unaboricuaenalaska #PuertoRico #puertoricoinalaska #PRinAK #lovely #fun

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About Wearable Art in Juneau

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council has been dazzling audiences for 20 years with Wearable Arts. Artists from Juneau and Southeast Alaskan communities come together inspired by creativity, fashion, and performance to create one of the most loved events to attend in Juneau. The list of materials worn on the runway are endless, and every year we are shocked and delighted by new innovations with outfits made of wood, recycled bottles, paper, eggshells, living plants, plane parts, and more!  Every act struts the runway to a carefully orchestrated performance that often leaves the crowd in awe or clapping and cheering in excitement.

The Wearable Art Extravaganza is the JAHC’s largest fundraiser of the year and the proceeds raised are used to fund fine arts scholarships, individual artists grants, and support operations at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center to help keep it affordable for the community.

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