Wearable Art 2024 is scheduled for September 21-22, at Centennial Hall.

This year's theme is NEON APOCALYPSE!

Artist Application, Information, & Resources

Are you planning to participate in Wearable Art this year? Please browse through the section below to access the most current Artist & Model Packet, information regarding scholarships, the Artist Application, important deadlines, & more.

On January 18, the JAHC team hosted an Open House / Orientation for returning artists at the JACC. We discussed some of the changes for 2024 and what artists can expect during this year's event. This discussion was recorded will be posted here as soon as it is available. In the meantime, the big take-aways from that session include:

  • Rehearsals: Only one model rehearsal is required, with a second optional rehearsal available. Open studio space will be available as needed for artists and models who would like additional rehearsal time before Grand Parade and Tech Rehearsals.
  • Runway: We are returning to the Zig-Zag runway.
  • Artist Interviews: Artist interviews will take place shortly after the registration deadline, and there will be a final check-in one month prior to the show.
  • Registration Fee: $50.
  • Jurying: Jurying will not be part of Wearable Art moving forward. Instead, there will be the Sybil Davis award (People's Choice) and an Artist's Choice award.
  • Music: We will not require artists to choose music from a specific music library. Artists will submit three song choices with their application. After initial discussion with the Director, our team will work to obtain the music licensing rights for your top music choice. Up to $10 of your registration fee will be used to cover the cost of obtaining these rights. Any costs beyond $10 will be discussed with the artist.

Artist & Model Packet

Click the button below to download the 2024 Artist & Model Packet:

Scholarship Fund

We know how much time, effort, and resources go into the amazing pieces you create! This is a Wearable Art Materials / Travel Scholarship Fund to help artists with creation costs or out-of-town travel. If you anticipate high expenses, please email the JAHC Programs Manager Rachelle Bonnett at, and inquire about scholarship availability. You can submit a form detailing your need, and the JAHC Staff and an Artist Representative will review and disburse funds on availability. 

Artist Application

Artist applications are now open! Please register for Wearable Art using the button below. The PDF of all questions will be made available here ASAP.

Application Deadline


Artist Registrations include the following:

    • Online Application, all questions fully answered
    • Signed Agreement pages, for both Artist & Model
    • Signed Liability Waivers, for both Artist & Model
    • Signed Media Release, for both Artist & Model
    • Registration Fee Paid (invoiced via email) 

About Wearable Art in Juneau

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council has been dazzling audiences for 20 years with Wearable Arts. Artists from Juneau and Southeast Alaskan communities come together inspired by creativity, fashion, and performance to create one of the most loved events to attend in Juneau. The list of materials worn on the runway are endless, and every year we are shocked and delighted by new innovations with outfits made of wood, recycled bottles, paper, eggshells, living plants, plane parts, and more!  Every act struts the runway to a carefully orchestrated performance that often leaves the crowd in awe or clapping and cheering in excitement.

The Wearable Art Extravaganza is the JAHC’s largest fundraiser of the year and the proceeds raised are used to fund fine arts scholarships, individual artists grants, and support operations at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center to help keep it affordable for the community.

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