Winners of Wearable Art 2020: Joie de Vivre Announced

Winners of 2020 Wearable Art Extravaganza Joie de Vivre and Next Year’s Theme Announced

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council is delighted to announce the winners and honorees of the 2020 Wearable Art Extravaganza Joie de Vivre the 20th anniversary of Wearable Art in Juneau! Jurors K.D. Roope, Nic DeHart, and Naweiyaa Austin Tagaban interviewed artists over a two-day period, and watched both the Saturday and Sunday performances before making their award decisions. Each audience member, cast, and crew were given tokens over the performance weekend to vote for the People’s Choice Award – now named after Sybil Davis, who began Juneau’s first Wearable Art Extravaganza in 2000, during her time as Executive Director of the Arts Council.

The Sybil Davis Award goes to “Weather Wyvern” by artists Kathleen Harper and Mikko Wilson, modeled by Ty Yamaoka.

Artists Kathleen Harper & Mikko Wilson created this mythical creature with a 14-foot wingspan from old jeans, industrial acrylic off-cuts, foam, tule,  and over 150 hand-soldered LEDs creating 300+ individual points of light in the fiber-optic wings. Inspired by the joy that can be found in the beautiful vistas surrounding Juneau, the artistic team aimed to capture the magic of our misty mountains, foggy forests, sunlight over the Gastineau Channel, and starlit nights. 

Juror’s First Place goes to “Sample Delight” by artist Michelle Morris, modeled by Melissa Patterson.

Artist Michelle Morris’ 20s-inspired dress is made from thousands of individually-sewn and beaded micro tubes/caps,and test tube caps recovered from previous lab work. The “fur” shawl is made from recycled pre-roll tubes from a local dispensary, beads​, and pipe cleaners. Inspired by all things glittery and fun, Michelle wanted to create a piece that delighted all of our senses – her piece clicked and shimmered as model Melissa Patterson danced down the runway. Michelle was also the recipient of the Trend Alaska Award, nominated by a committee from the Alaska Travel Industry Association and Alaska Airlines, who attended the Saturday performance. One piece from each Wearable Art performance in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka will be flown to Anchorage for the Trend Alaska Show in October.

Juror’s Second Place goes to “Weather Wyvern” by artists Kathleen Harper and Mikko Wilson, modeled by Ty Yamaoka.

Please see the description above. 

Juror’s Third Place goes to “La Fauna et La Flore” by artist Jessica Sullivan, modeled by Jesse Riesenberger.

Artist Jessica Sullivan created her piece from hand-sawn, sanded, and painted alder branch discs and fishing line. A large sculptural collar crafted from salmon skin that Jessica scraped, tanned, stretched, dried, and painted into a translucent leather depicted the Northern Lights. Her piece was inspired by the joy of watching the aurora dance across Alaska’s night sky.

Juror Nic DeHart’s Honorable Mention goes to “Titanium Roses” by artist and model Nakenna Kotlarov.

Artist and model Nakenna Kotlarov crafted her piece from recycled chip bags and rubber bands. Inspired by her need to help the planet, her recycled-materials-focused piece earned an honor with juror Nic DeHart. 

Juror K.D. Roope’s Honorable Mention goes to “The Evolution of Rain” by artist and model Kathryn Grant Griffin.

Artist and model Kathryn Grant Griffin created a contemporary Ravenstail pattern with a dyed fringe and custom felted hat and rainboots. Inspired by the infinite possibilities of the color gray and the many types of Juneau precipitation, her piece earned an honor with juror K.D. Roope. 

 Juror Naweiyaa Austin Tagaban’s Honorable Mention goes to “Mama’s Joy” by artist Brandi Campbell, modeled by Aileen Funk.

Artist Brandi Campbell’s constructed a transformative piece with items that many parents have in abundance: diapers, coffee pods, and wine labels. Inspired by the joy of parenting, and also the joy of alone time, her piece earned an honor with juror Naweiyaa Austin Tagaban. 

Next Year’s Theme,

the most popular of three options by dollar votes, will be Intergalactic.

About the 2020 Wearable Art Extravaganza Joie de Vivre:

This year’s performance marks twenty years of community creativity in Juneau. Wearable Art 2020 was sponsored by Alaska Airlines and Co-Sponsored by Haight & Associates. The event was directed by Margeaux Ljungberg, with set design by Christine Carpenter, and construction assistance by Bing Carrillo, Don Larson, Jim Simard, and Haight & Associates. Featuring lighting designer Mike Inwood, audio engineer Betsy Sims (Studio A Juneau), video and multimedia director Mikko Wilson (KTOO Public Media), and stage manager Kathleen Harper. Produced by the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council, and the many, many other event staff and volunteers that come together for one of Juneau’s favorite visual and performing arts events. 

About the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council:

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council (JAHC), incorporated in 1973, is the formal arts agency for the Capital City of Juneau, Alaska. It operates the Juneau Arts & Culture Center (JACC) and as of July 2018, Centennial Hall & Convention Center. The JAHC cultivates arts and cultural opportunities and is a leader in building a strong, prosperous community where creativity and innovation thrive.