15 Local Teaching Artists to Participate in Seminar Series

This Friday through Sunday, 15 local artists will participate in a Kennedy Center Arts-integrated seminar series on residency planning and lesson design. The seminars will be:
Mapping the Journey: Planning Effective Residencies for Students and Anatomy of a Lesson: Designing Instruction.
This is the final benefit as part of our Any Given Child “phase 2”, which ends Sept. 30th. (http://www.kennedy-center.org/seminars.)  All expenses for Randy Barron, Kennedy Center Teaching Artist, to come to Juneau for the series presentation are covered by the Kennedy Center.  (All logistical expenses are being covered by the JAHC.)  The seminar series will incorporate the concepts of arts integration, following a Kennedy Center definition, and will utilize the art form of dance to demonstrate integrated approaches.  This will be an active and engaging learning experience for our local teaching artists!
This seminar series will enrich the capacity of our Juneau Teaching Artist Roster which provides Teaching Artists for the Artists In Schools program, providing 1-3 week residencies for our local schools.  All JSD schools are participating this year with a total of 26 weeks of residencies planned.
Through partnership with the Artful Teaching project, these artists will receive stipends for their completion of all seminar requirements, including residency and lesson plans. Professional development for our local Teaching Artists will enrich our students’ access to and experience with the arts in school.
Thanks go out to  the Juneau School District and the University of Alaska: Southeast for additional support, making this Seminar Series possible!
For more information go to www.jahc.org/arts-education-programs.