August 2020 First Friday Events

Happy First Friday, everyone!

Here’s what’s on deck this month:

JAHC: Fresh Air Market

FRESH-AIR MARKET: Working closely with the City and Borough of Juneau and in collaboration with Downtown Business Association, the Council is organizing Fresh Air Markets on First Friday, August 7 and Sept 4 (covid-19 conditions permitting) from 4:30 – 7 pm on Front Street in downtown Juneau. Masks and safety precautions are required for entry.

For more information on the markets, safety protocols, and how to by tickets visit:

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Sealaska Heritage: Virtual First Friday interview with Suqpiaq Alutiiq artist Perry Eaton

SHI will feature a conversation with Suqpiaq Alutiiq carver and artist Perry Eaton, live-streamed on SHI’s Facebook page. The conversation will focus on art in the new America, where the commercial, economic, and cultural realities around art are changing dramatically from day to day.

First Friday Only

Perseverence Theatre: New! Not Your Mama’s PSA

The latest installment in the Not Your Mama’s PSA series! Perseverance Theatre’s Mission is to create theatre by and for Alaskans, but we also have a mandate to serve. While our theatre is currently dark until we open our first show of the Fall 2020 Season on September 4, we took the opportunity to work with the City and Borough of Juneau along with Bartlett Regional Hospital to create short videos relevant to the health and safety of our community. Stay tuned for more to follow in the coming days!

Southeast Alaska Landtrust: Houseplant Sale by donation, primarily FERNS

4 PM – 7 PM

Southeast Alaska Land Trust is celebrating our 25th year of land conservation…especially here in Juneau. Get a year- round green Fern for your home… as August daylight dims and our gardens return their bounty. All proceeds will benefit SEALTrust.

Houseplants – Ferns
on FIRST Friday, August 7, 2020, 4pm-7pm.
at the 4th St door of RAINBOW FOODS.
to support Southeast Alaska Land Trust, by your donation.
More info: 907-586-1426.
We will wear masks, social distance, and provide hand sanitizer for this in-person benefit for SEALTrust.

Denali Arts Council: Julia Crocetto, Art Exhibition, “Blue & Green”
VIRTUAL EVENT: Instagram Live Feed, IG Handle “Denaliartscouncil”

5PM – 6 PM

The DAC will feature local artist Julia Crocetto and her recent work, “Blue & Green, ” a poem to Talkeetna. Flow through streams of textiles representing the waterways that connect us literally and symbolically.

Blue & Green | Artist Statement | Julia March Crocetto

Waterways have been the principle focus of my study for several years. I have lived near flowing water most of my life. While living in Talkeetna, my awareness of my connectivity to rivers deepened, as well as my awareness of our tendency to take them for granted. We tend to look only at the surface of things, missing out on the delicious complexity of the world around us. Streams connect us, with their dendritic tendrils, literally and symbolically.
This body of work was conceived eight years ago, when I moved to New Mexico to attend college. “Lament” became a common theme in my art, a term that I use to reflect the composite emotions I experience related to loss, homesickness, and the damage humans have inflicted on their own home. Professor Glenn A. Albrecht named this sense of loss “solastalgia.” I look at “place” from multiple perspectives, from the figurative to the literal. I commune with rivers, listen to the wind, and dream of fireweed in mid-winter. I study aerial photography, maps, and satellite images. Using cloth and stitch, I bring these elements into a more intimate sphere.
As an artist, I describe myself as process- and research-based. My sphere of interest is the Greater West, once known as “frontier lands.” We now live in what I call the Post-Frontier period, where the idea of wilderness persists but the actual article has disappeared. The actions I take in the process of “making” imbues the work with meaning. The data I gather is interpreted poetically. Stitch is my primary mechanism; it is both tool and action for various methods of bringing things together and mark-making. It is typically the first action and the last action performed among many layers of actions. Cloth is a cooperative participant, yielding easily to manipulations – 2D to 3D to 2D, sometimes back to 3D. Textiles have a history of carrying narratives; the quilt is the iconic storyteller of the West. I embrace the quilt for its oscillation between image and object, and fiber as a medium because of its intimate relationship with

Juneau Artists Gallery: Nell McConahey, Jeweler and Stained glass artist
175 South Franklin St, Juneau 99801
4:30 PM – 6 PM

Artist of the Month August 2020
Juneau Artists Gallery

Nell McConahey of Spiral Studio will present ‘Summertime Blues’ at Juneau Artists Gallery for the month of August. Stained glass and treasure mirrors along with jewelry in a wide range of blue colors will be shown. Opening ‘Covid aware’ reception Friday, August 7 from 4:30 to 6.
Visitors are encouraged to come anytime the gallery is open; Monday to Saturday 11 – 5:30 to see the show. A visitor log will be available to leave your thoughts.
For more information follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our website.

Barnaby Brewing: Colleran Art
165 Shattuck Way Juneau, AK 99801
4:30 PM – 8 PM

Barnaby Brewing will be hosting Chris Colleran of Colleran Art. Chris is a self-taught abstract artist that uses a variety of mediums to create unique pieces of art.

Annie Kaill’s: Courtneay Birdsall Clifford and Tamar Harrison
124 Seward Street

Annie Kaill’s is featuring two amazing artists from Skagway, Alaska this month: Courtenay Birdsall Clifford and Tamar Harrison! Courtenay paints Alaskan scenes in watercolor and acrylic, while Tamar uses driftwood to create art pieces and a combination of mixed metals, ivory and found objects to create her unique jewelry.

We’d love to welcome you into the store for some socially distanced retail therapy this month! We also continue to offer different ways to shop – you can email us at, message us on Facebook, or call or text us for assistance or to set up an appointment to shop the store via Facetime. We’ve set up an Annie Kaill’s cell phone, 907-713-4001, that you can text anytime.

Remember, we can ship your treasures anywhere, and within Juneau we can offer curbside pickup or delivery on the road system.

Blue Diamond: Storewide Sale!
495 S. Franklin

Open Monday – Saturday 10 – 5 pm regularly.

Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council: Ketchikan Online Artist Market


The Blueberry Art Exhibit and the online gallery store will be available until August 21st. Shipping and handling charges are estimated. Shipping charges range depending on the location of the shipping address. There may be additional fees. There are three extra-large items that you must call and discuss shipping arrangements with the Arts Council if you are interested in shipping them.

Bunnell Street Gallery: Steve Gordon and Anvil Williamson
495 S. Franklin

Artist Talk | Friday, August 7, 6pm via Zoom. Register in advance here to participate in the conversation or watch on Facebook Live by going to our Facebook page.