Live Music Series at the Juneau International Airport

Sundays, greeting AK Air #66 & 67, about 7pm - 8pm in the Baggage Claim area

  • Monthly October through May; SUSPENDED FOR THE TIME BEING
  • Weekly June-September

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Mission and purpose for the project:
•    To uplift and soothe travelers as they begin or end their journeys through the Juneau Airport.
•    To encourage local residents to visit and enjoy the airport and its amenities as a destination in and of itself.
•    To give local entertainers performance opportunities.
•    To set the tone for Juneau as Alaska's Creative Capital.

For Performers

Welcome, and thank you for considering performing at Music on the Fly!

Music on the fly is an opportunity to perform for visitors and locals during the peak hours at the Juneau International Airport.

 The Arts Council will pay groups a flat fee of $75 for a 1 hour Sunday performance, 6:45 - 7:45 pm. Performers can collect their payment between 9am and 5pm, Monday - Friday at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center (JACC) after the completion of their performance.

Performers are also encouraged to bring their tip jar. We are first of all seeking performers of Acoustic Music, although performers may bring their own amplification and accompanying extension cords, power cords etc, as long as their volume does not overpower announcements made over the airport intercom, and performers are completely self sufficient setting up their gear.

The music is expected to be family friendly and help create a welcoming atmosphere at the airport. Music on the Fly is an all year program and performers are welcome to request performance slots for any Sunday of the year.


Setting up for Music On the Fly

PERFORMANCE SPACE There are two designated performance spaces:

SPACE 1 This is located at the bottom of the Escalator by the baggage area. This might be the area best suited for acoustic music as the sound is naturally amplified in this area. There is no power outlet in this area, but an extension cord can be run against the right wall, past the escalator to the outlet on the backside of the escalator. The seating in the corner is stationary.

SPACE 2 This is located in the alcove to the left of the sliding doors facing the luggage area. This has a power outlet on the wall. The seating can be moved to allow more room for the performers.

CHAIRS There will be 3 folding chairs available to use by the performers. These can be found in the cart area to the right of the luggage area.

PARKING There are 4 Parking permits available for performers, valid on Sundays 6 - 8 pm. The permits can be picked up and dropped off at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center.

Performer parking is located in the area behind the fence to the right





And here's how they do it at other airports -

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