Artists in the Community

Artists have made many contributions for a dynamic and vibrant arts community in Juneau.

We host a monthly meeting called Roundtables for people to meet face-to-face and talk about the unique challenges as well as fun things that occur in Juneau. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the JAHC Gallery. Please email to sign up for monthly updates or for more info.


Some of the artists and arts organizations who contribute to the arts council Roundtables, in no particular order, are:
Rob Roys, Painter

Carl Broderson, Actor

Mark Sebastian, Painter & Pre-school teacher

Corey Joseph, Actor

Annie Calkins, Evaluator & Educator

Hannah Wolf, Theatre Director, Dramaturge and Creative Producer

Anne Wedler, Painter & Professor

Chris Peloso, Web-comic artist/author, Novelist, Attorney

Sherri McDonald, Printmaker

Sara Radke Brown, Juneau Symphony

Meilani Schijvens, Rain Coast Data

Electra Gardinier, Non-profit Graphic Designer

Jordan Kendall, Painting, Sculpting, Printmaking

Shelly Wright, Southeast Conference, Economic Development, Theatre

MK MacNaughton, Painter, Director, Alaska Art Education Consortium
Patricia Kalbrener, Filmmaker

Rachael Juzeler, Sculptor/Glass artist

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