Standing together in the arts with the Asian American Community

The Juneau Arts and Humanities Council adds its voice to the calls for cessation of racial hatred and violence, and joins in sending its deepest condolences to the families and communities of affected by the murders in Atlanta.

We recognize that our own community is not free from racial tensions and discrimination, with a long and sad history of acts against our Asian citizens as well as our Native community and others.

Take a moment, if you have not already, and visit the “Empty Chair” sculpture in the Capital School playground, a moving and thoughtful piece about Japanese internment during World War II and its local history.

WESTAF has assembled a good list of resources – As we all reel from this most recent violence, perhaps it is good to pause and look within and without for ways to change this current climate of xenophobia and hatred.

The Arts Council is working internally itself to become more aware, more proactive, and more supportive of all members of our community. Please join us in this work.