Where has the JACC gone?

March 18, 2020

On Tuesday, The City Manager’s office called to tell us that the City would be taking over the JACC to serve as an emergency shelter for the community’s homeless population during the Covid-19 emergency. They anticipate needing the facility until fall.

The Arts Council had already closed both the JACC and Centennial Hall, and most events in the facilities had cancelled in compliance with directives to avoid gatherings. Staff is working mostly from their homes, until the risk of infection subsides.

Yesterday and today staff packed the Arts Council up and moved things either to Centennial Hall or into the Gallery space, which will not be used as part of the shelter. The move will be completed by tomorrow, with the move of the grand piano to Centennial Hall.

Jazz and Classics will be moving their offices out as well, location TBA.

Studio A will maintain their offices on the second floor.

How can you help?

  • Be patient as we work through the details of exhibits and events that are now cancelled.
  • Support our local artists through on-line shopping – We, like several others, are going to set up an on-line Gallery and Shop, and will offer delivery! As soon as we roll that out, I’ll send the link. Mother’s Day is coming….
  • You will still be able to reach us by phone – we are getting those forwarded and moved – so call with ideas and suggestions. 586-2787.
  • Consider making a small donation if you can. Without our facility to help bring in revenue, we are, like so many, in a new world of hurt. We’ve worked hard the past 12 years to build the JACC, moving out of a two room basement to bring the community together in a better space. Probably going to need a little help bridging this gap. As all the arts and entertainment sector will, and indeed as all of us will.
  • Join me in being thankful that we are able to serve the community by offering shelter to those in need.

These are unusual uncertain uncommon times.
At least we are not bored.

Thank you.
Wash your hands, and be in good health! Hope we can gather soon.