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Call the Governor today

Our friends at Fairbanks Art Council sent this message with useful links:

Start off your weekend with some civic action! The last time I reached out was to encourage you to write to legislators about voting for HB2001, the bill that contains funding for Alaska State Council on the Arts and many other important services and programs to Alaskans. HB2001 passed the senate and was transmitted to the governor’s office on August 7. He now has until August 30 to sign the bill. The governor has mentioned recently that he wanted to ‘start a conversation’ among Alaskans through the vetoes and is ‘learning what Alaskans value’… so please join me in remaining an active part of the conversation for Alaska’s future by contacting the governor’s office today and urging him to sign HB2001.
You can call the Governor’s office at (907) 465-3500 or send an email via the web: https://gov.alaska.gov/contact/email-the-governor
Raise your voice today and EVERY day to communicate your support of HB2001 to the governor until the bill is signed! Use the platforms available to you to share the message: email, phone, social media, video, etc– and don’t forget, ask your friends to get involved and communicate their support as well!